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Unraveling the Mysteries of Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and yet we still know very little about the mechanisms driving its development and progression. Our goal at Twist is to work with you to help answer the tough questions to help support you so your research is accurate and informative. We offer tools and solutions across a broad range of cancer research and clinical oncology applications. Whether you are seeking to modify genetic mechanisms, identify critical variants and potential biomarkers, or discover and develop the latest blockbuster therapeutic antibody, Twist Bioscience will be your partner along the journey. 

Combining the power of Twist’s advanced next-generation sequencing, synthetic biology, and drug discovery tools, we can help you maximize the potential of your cancer research to help better understand the complex mechanisms underlying disease. Regardless of where you are on your discovery journey, Twist has multiple genomic tools to help support basic and specialized research in the areas of target identification, therapeutic development, diagnostic development, and treatment and monitoring–all backed by our world class service and support, so you can focus on what matters. 

Because everyone deserves a world without cancer.

Next Generation

Next Generation Sequencing

Advances in Next-generation sequencing (NGS) are improving approaches to develop rapid, accurate, detection, treatment, and routine monitoring of cancer. The use of NGS for developing new solutions for applications such as the detection and monitoring of minimal residual disease (MRD), methylation or exome profiling for clinical oncology research and liquid biopsy based approaches.

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Twist is leveraging

Minimal Residual Disease

Twist is leveraging the power of its industry leading DNA writing platform to support research advances in the development of a personalized, rapid, precise, and flexible NGS solution. Taking MRD detection to the next dimension and continuing the good fight against cancer.

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Basic Research

Basic Research

The tools that enable basic biological research into cancer research span a wide range of applications from NGS identification/validation, CRISPR screens, gene expression, and target identification. Twist is continuously innovating new tools to aid the basic research community and expand applications to speed new discovery through our custom designed NGS target enrichment, Oligo Pools, Libraries, Antibody production, and Genes.


Twist solutions for Basic Research

NGS Solutions, Oligo pools, GenesLibraries

Translational Research

Translational Research

Twist Bioscience supports translational medicine research and biomarker discovery through partnerships with our experienced biopharma antibody discovery and optimization services. Twist also offers NGS products for comprehensive tumor profiling and tumor immunity profiling.


Twist solutions for Translational Research

NGS Solutions, Methylation DetectionHuman MethylomeExomeMRDAlliance Panels, Synthetic Controls, NGS Library Prep

clinical research

Clinical Research

The development of immunotherapeutics has the potential to treat a wide variety of conditions, from autoimmune disease to cancer. However, the discovery of potential antibody therapeutics against key receptor proteins remains a major challenge for the traditional immunization approaches currently available on the market. Twist Biopharma, an arm of Twist Bioscience, was built to overcome this bottleneck by leveraging Twist Bioscience’s world-leading oligonucleotide synthesis platform to build high-quality antibody discovery libraries for better therapeutic discovery and development for:

  • Target Identification
  • Identifying robust biomarkers for new drug development
  • The ability to define a target patient population, based on these biomarkers
  • Developing a well-tolerated effective drug with limited off-target toxicities
  • Developing drugs fast and cost-effectively

Twist solutions for Clinical Research and Biomarker Discovery

NGS Solutions, Methylation DetectionHuman MethylomeExomeMRDAlliance Panels, Synthetic Controls, NGS Library Prep

Antibody Development

Through the discovery of new antibody-based therapeutics with Twist Biopharma and leveraging Twist Libraries you can effectively explore the protein sequence space when looking for potential new therapeutic molecules. Using Twist’s best-in-class DNA variant libraries with Twist Biopharma’s robust Antibody discovery and development platform, we are helping partners to bring new biologic drugs to the clinic at unprecedented speed. We use our focused DNA synthesis to construct phage display libraries and through multiple rounds of binding selection, we enrich for high-affinity clones. This streamlined workflow provides the basis for a variety of tailored services and support for your lead antibody discovery and optimization.

Twist solutions for Antibody Development

NGS Library Prep



Detection and Profiling

Cancer detection and profiling requires robust and sensitive tools to ensure the right information is obtained at every stage, from basic research through translational medicine and into the clinic. Twist’s target enrichment kits, targeted methylation solutions, and custom panels enable a more sensitive detection in samples ranging from cfDNA to tissue samples. The unique properties of Twist’s NGS solution can result in better information fast at a lower cost per sample.

Twist solutions for Detection and Profiling

Methylation DetectionHuman MethylomeExomeMRDAlliance Panels, Synthetic Controls, Library Prep